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Quality Darts Available at Thunderbird Atlatl

Thunderbird Atlatl Dart Shafts
Here at Thunderbird Atlatl we produce premium quality ash shafts made entirely with our own equipment from harvesting logs to sawing them at our own sawmill. We take the time to set the saw to cut precisely along the grain of the log. After a rigorous grading process the wood goes on to milling then fine sanding. The darts are then sorted for grain, color and spine and bundled to help keep them straight during the seasoning process. Bob’s 40 years of wood working experience comes into play when selecting just the right timber for your darts. All this extra care in selecting and handling our raw material pays off by producing the highest possible quality dart shaft. Many of the logs come from our own property. Our new storage methods and packaging have recently been improved to get your darts to you in the best possible condition. We control the whole process so you can be assured of the best quality. Couple that with our no-questions-asked return policy and our low prices and you can’t get better value. We have had 100% positive feedback on ebay for almost a decade.

Below: Darts from Thunderbird Atlatl



Tapered Shafts are Available Again
In addition to our quality round pole shafts, we offer top quality tapered shafts. These premium darts are tapered in the back to stabilize quickly and fly just right. There is a small taper in the front to give the darts that aerodynamic barrel shape. They have some of the same flight characteristics as bamboo darts but still retain the penetration qualities of wooden shafts, so they are outstanding for hunting as well as target shooting. All of our ash shafts are fine sanded. Our darts are designed to be compatible with traditional archery broad heads and field points so it is easy to repair or upgrade your darts with gear you can get at your local archery shop. Bob conducted his research on tapered darts over 12 years ago. We offered tapered darts for a while in our catalog but the process Bob used was cumbersome and wore out expensive sanding belts. Now, with new equipment he is able to manufacture tapered darts efficiently, with the process adding a dollar to the cost of a dart.

Keweenau Copper Points™
Bob has had the opportunity to inspect hundreds of copper artifacts from the Keweenaw region Old Copper Culture in Michigan. He has selected some examples of conical copper points which he replicates. The Old Copper Culture lasted from about 8000 years ago to about 3000 ago. Bob has an example of an OCC point that is original that looks just like the ones he makes except for the deep patina. .Some of the darts fitted with Bob’s replica copper points have been shot more that 400 times and are still in perfect shape. Keweenaw Copper Points™ are available on any of Thunderbird Atlatl’s full line of darts. They can also be purchased separately and put on your own darts.

Copper Points from Thunderbird Atlatl
Copper Points created by Bob Berg
Wind Powered Shop
Bob’s shop has gone green. He has replaced his original electricity supplier with one that produces power with the wind.

Call or email us for a free new catalog (color with centerfold) 1 800 836 4520

You also can download the pdf version of the catalog in the menu on the home page.

To Weight or Not! Should You Use an Atlatl Weight?

We are often asked if someone needs an atlatl weight on their newly purchased atlatl. We usually suggest is that you try the atlatl first without the weight and see how it works for you. Wondering if you need a weight? Try attaching a small stone on the atlatl shaft and see if it makes a difference for you!

Weights add balance and stability to an atlatl system. They improve accuracy for many atlatlists and make it easier to hold the atlatl steady while aiming at the target. One reason it helps is to steady the atlatl is that it balances the weight of the dart. It also adds inertia to the system, which tends to minimize shaking and wiggling caused by the atlatlist’s body functions such as heartbeat and respiration etc. Depending on the placement of the weight on the shaft of the atlatl, there is also more or less of a “pendulum effect” which helps to stabilize the swinging atlatl during the shot. Placing the weight closer to the hook end of the atlatl produces more of the effect at the expense of some of the speed or energy of the shot.

Placing the weight closer to the handle is a good compromise between not having a weight and having it out at the distal end. Besides that, atlatl weights look really great on your atlatl! (not to mention the Oooga Booga affect, which if you belong to the Secret Ear-o-Corn you understand without further explanation.)

We have a nice selection of atlatl weights in stock. If you think you would like to try a weight, we have a variety of weights available ranging from $5 to $20 on up to semi precious polished stones. Others can be custom-made for you. Prices for atlatl weights are made of so many different materials, from common to precious, that prices vary greatly. If you would like more information about atlatl weights, give us a call at 800-836-4520 or 607-743-4379.


Traditional Atlatls from Thunderbird Atlatl

Our traditional Hiawatha Atlatls are perfect for the person looking for an authentic looking atlatl. The Hiawatha Atlatl has a classic primitive design. In our web catalog, we show our painted version of the Hiawatha. We have several other choices. In the photo below are some of our Hiawathas with boat stone weights. We also have traditional Hiawathas without the weight and with or without the loop handle. Prices for Hiawathas range from $20 to $130.

The traditional atlatls below are $100 each. Our Hiawathas are available in Hickory, Ash or Osage Orange with a bone or antler tine, natural fiber or leather finger loops, rubbed oil finish and natural fiber lacing which holds the antler tine in place and provides added grip at the handle. Some of our pieces are slightly charred and oiled, which would have been a surface treatment well within the grasp of hunter gatherers.

Interested in one of our traditonal atlatls, give us a call at 800-836-4520 or email us at You can also try to reach us on our cell phone at 607-743-4379.

Traditional Hiawatha Atlatls

Looking For A Great Group Activity – Thunderbird Atlatl Has Atlatls & Darts For Your Group!

Build your own atlatl set or purchase completed darts and atlatls from our ever expanding inventory, Thunderbird Atlatl makes it easy to outfit your group with darts and atlatls for hours of fun and competition at your location.

We offer discounts on bulk purchases of atlatls kits and darts kits. We also offer discounts to scouts, youth groups, educational groups on our finished atlatls and darts. We know atlatls and darts can offer a wonderful recreational opportunity for groups. Young people learn valuable safety and educational skills, along with the delight of learning to hit the target with an atlatl and hearing that satisfying “thwack” as the dart pierces the target,

We have found that the atlatl offers many outlets for group instructions. Some educators have been able to tie atlatls in with physics and mathematical lessons. Others teach history lessons with the atlatl. Still others are using our atlatl and dart systems for recreational and physical education classes, the opportunities are endless.

Our wooden Ash darts have proven endurance. They hold up through months and years of use. We guarantee you will be pleased with their performance. As always, we back our products 100 percent. Give us a call and we would be happy to work within your budget. We can be reached at 800-836-4520 or by email at

Happy Atlatling!

In the photos below, atlatlists of all ages, abilities and sizes enjoy the atlatl range at the Chimney Point Historical Site in Vergennes, Vt. during the museum’s annual atlatl program in September 2009.

Participants remove darts from targets.Atlatlists of all ages and abilities enjoy the atlatl range at the Chimney Point Museum

Introducing the Canandaigua Atlatl!

We have had a new atlatl design out for a few months now and recently included it in our new paper catalog. We will be updating this website over the next few months and we will be including the Canandaigua Atlatl.

The Canandaigua is a new atlatl design created for those looking for a paddle grip atlatl.

The Canandaigua uses a paddle grip rather than a hammer grip. In a paddle grip, the wrist is rotated so the palm or the hand faces up in the launching position and faces down to the ground after follow through. This method of grip gives the shooter about three inches more leverage.

We decided to design the Canandaigua for our customers who prefer a paddle grip over other grips. Some say the paddle grip atlatl is less traumatic for people with tendonitis and problems in the elbow.

Canandaigua Atlatl

The price for the Canandaigua is $85. (with three six foot darts, $120; with seven six foot darts, $160; with three seven foot darts, $126; and with seven seven foot darts, $174).

You can order, ask questions or comment by calling us at 800-836-4520 or email us at