Hunting & Fishing

Atlatls have been used for fishing and hunting for thousands of years. In modern times, people have hunted deer, bear, wild boar, caribou, moose, alligators, and all kinds of fish with atlatls. We will gradually be adding more information about atlatl hunting to this section. In the meantime, check out some atlatl fishing videos:

Atlatl Spearfishing in Kentucky – Shooting, Filleting and Eating Asian Carp

Bob Berg from Thunderbird Atlatl demonstrates how to shoot an Asian Carp with an atlatl and harpoon setup, and then what to do with the fish after you spear it. Filmed at Land Between The Lakes, Kentucky.

Atlatl Spear Fishing – Dealing with Refraction

Atlatl spear fishing tutorial! Bob Berg explains how refraction affects your aiming when you shoot into water, and where to aim relative to where the fish appear. (In short: Shoot just “under” the fish.)
Filmed at Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky.

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