Nanticoke Atlatl Kit Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Nanticoke Atlatl Kit. We hope you will find it a pleasure to finish and use.

Nanticoke Atlatl Kit

Your kit contains a wooden shaft, a button tine made either of bone or tropical hardwood, a long piece of simulated sinew, sandpaper, and a leather strap. You will need a small amount of wood glue that is impractical to pack with the kit. We recommend Elmer’s™ Carpenters Glue, Franklin Tightbond or epoxy. You will need Linseed oil, Tung oil, stain and or paint to finish your atlatl.
First starting with the coarsest sandpaper, sand the wooden shaft. Progress to the medium sandpaper and finish with the finest or until you are satisfied with the finish.
After sanding, rub the entire surface of the wood (excluding the spur hole) with the finish of your choice. Linseed or Tung oil can be used to finish the atlatl or, if you wish, apply stain or paint.

After the finish is applied, glue the spur in the hole provided with the wood glue or epoxy. Wipe off the excess and let it set.

Lace the atlatl as shown in the picture, in a crisscross fashion starting at the tine. Take the sinew and cut off a length about 8 inches. Put this aside. You will use it to tie on the leather strap.

Find the center of the remaining sinew by folding it in half, and place the center of it around the top of the tine and then tie it several times with square knots so that the end of the atlatl is bound securely with two or three layers of artificial sinew. Proceed down the shaft in a crisscross fashion as far as you want the design to go. You can use any design you like to finish your atlatl, but the method described here is tried and true. The lacing is not really necessary along the shaft of the atlatl but it does add strength and has an appealing look.

Nanticoke Kit Lacing fig1

Trim the tied ends even and attach them to the shaft using a little glue or heat it with a match and melt it together.

Use the piece of simulated sinew you cut off to lash on the leather keeper loop as shown in the picture. The leather has a small cut out section that is placed against the first bump of the grip with the smooth side of the leather facing out. Form the loops such that the rough side of the leather is on the inside of the loops and the punched holes are aligned with one another over the center of the shaft. Make sure the loops fit your finger and thumb. Glue the loose end of the sinew down with either glue or beeswax. You now have a finished atlatl! Good luck and enjoy it.

Nanticoke Atlatl

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