About Us

Thunderbird Atlatl is the world’s foremost atlatl (spear-thrower) manufacturer, owned and operated by Bob and Cheryll Berg. Founded in 1990, Thunderbird Atlatl developed from a hobby into a full-time business, and is now known worldwide as the premiere manufacturer of atlatls, darts and accessories.

Thunderbird Atlatl founder Bob Berg throwing a dart.
Thunderbird Atlatl founder Bob Berg throwing a dart.

The Thunderbird Atlatl shop is located in Candor, New York. Candor is a small village located just south of the Finger Lakes Region about equidistant from Ithaca to the north, Elmira to the southwest and Binghamton to the southeast. You are welcome to drop by during business hours and check out our atlatls and darts (but call us first!).

Bob and Cheryll Berg operate Thunderbird Atlatl out of the street level portion of the building. We all work at the family business in one way or another. Bob is usually manning the workshop on week days. He is always coming up with new innovations while finishing custom orders. Cheryll takes orders, makes sure they get out and helps with finishing touches. She keeps track of everything and makes sure Bob is making things that were ordered but are not in stock! You can usually find Cheryll at the post office just before closing time passing long boxes over the counter.

Please feel free to call us with any questions about our products. We guarantee our products 100 percent and pride ourselves on our customer service. Unused products that are returned within 30 days of delivery will be refunded. Please contact us before returning any items.


About Bob and Cheryll Berg

Bob and Cheryll Berg, founders of Thunderbird Atlatl.
Bob and Cheryll Berg, founders of Thunderbird Atlatl.

Bob Berg, born in Hilo Hawaii, grew up on a farm in Apalachin, New York after his family moved there from the Islands in 1959. Bob’s family raised beef cattle on the half square mile farm. They also produced hay and timber. Bob graduated from Alfred University in 1974. He majored in German.

Bob has been interested in all things primitive for the greater part of his adult life. He is skilled in many of the primitive arts and enjoys passing his knowledge on. Bob enjoys a few hobbies both in and outside the atlatl business, among them spear fishing, atlatl hunting, oil painting, and inventing mechanical devices designed to save the world.

Cheryll Berg grew up in the Catskill mountains in Hancock, NY. She graduated from Utica College of Syracuse University and majored in journalism/political science. After working for a couple of daily newspapers, she founded a weekly newspaper in 1984 with a partner. She retired from the newspaper in 2004 and now is busier than ever working with Bob.

Bob and Cheryll are members of the World Atlatl Association, Ohio Atlatl Association, New York Atlatl Association, Society for Creative Anachronism, Genesee Valley Flint Knappers Association, The Secret Ear of Corn Ooga Booga Society and the International Atlatl Society. They belong locally to the Candor Chamber of Commerce and the First Presbyterian Union Church in Owego.

Bob and Cheryll Berg at Work in the Thunderbird Atlatl Shop.
Bob and Cheryll Berg at Work in the Thunderbird Atlatl Shop.


Family & Assistants

Pete BergPeter graduated in 2007 from Ithaca College’s Park School of Communication. He is our webmaster and videographer. Peter lives in Los Angeles when he is not trekking around the globe or working as a field producer on a television show. He recently finished working on the National Geographic Wild show, “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” He is also working on several independent documentary ideas and maintains his business, Reality Rush, with a business partner in LA. Pete Berg’s website is: PeteBerg.net

Sara BergSara completed her master’s degree in architecture at Syracuse University in December 2012. She is currently employed by Ashley Mcgraw Architects in Syracuse, NY. Sara helps out in her spare time by fletching darts and putting the finishing touches on atlatls. She helps produce our annual atlatl catalog. She is close to finishing the requirements for her architecture license. We hope to have her help design the new shop soon.

Clara BergClara is back home helping with Thunderbird Atlatl after a few years away at school and working for businesses in the Rochester, NY area. She hopes to expand her hotel/hospitality/business skills into operating a bed and breakfast someday. Meanwhile she is working at another area business and helping out with Thunderbird Atlatl.

We also would like to mention some of the people who help us. John Jefferson (“JJ”) is a local craftsman/artist who has turned atlatl making into an art. Primitive Technologist Barry Keegan can be found at our shop some weeks when he has a reprieve from teaching and wigwam building. We get some fletching help from Ann Beers.

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