Buy Six Atlatl Darts and Get One Free Through January 25, 2013! New Atlatl Kits Offered.

Beat the winter blahs by improving your atlatl sets! Through January 25th, anyone ordering a set of six Ash atlatl darts will receive a complimentary seventh dart. Orders should be made through our online catalog.

This offer applies only to orders of five foot Ash darts, six foot Ash darts and seven foot Ash darts. It does not apply to our specialty hunting darts.

Another great way to spend those long January days is to build your own atlatl kits. Check out our additions of the Wyalusing, Catatonk Hunter and Catatonk kits to our atlatl kit inventories. They will be in the online catalog by Monday, January 14. Thunderbird Atlatl’s kits have been featured in Make Magazine. They have been used by hundreds of adults and youths both individually and in group workshops.

We are working on our 2013 schedule and will be posting it shortly in our calendar. If you haven’t already and are a Facebook user, please connect to us on Facebook. You can search for us under Thunderbird Atlatl.

Order a set of six darts today! For every six atlatl darts ordered (five, six or seven foot darts), we will include one complimentary dart of the same size through January 25, 2013. Orders must be made through our online catalog.

Pictured below are some of Thunderbird Atlatls’ darts.

Atlatl Darts
Atlatl Darts

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