The Science of Dart Production

Dart production is a science at the Thunderbird Atlatl shop. In our nearly 20 years of making quality darts, we have learned a lot about atlatl darts and continue to learn more.

Our customers benefit from our many experiments and ongoing learning. Over the years, we have produced and experimented with darts made of many different materials resulting in the high quality wooden Ash darts and copper tipped cane darts we produce today.

Our dart research continues almost daily and soon we will be offering even more dart options to our customers. If you have a question about darts, give us a call at 800-836-4520. You can also reach us at 607-659-3854 or on our cell: 607-743-4379. You can email us at: with your questions.

In this post are pictures of our wooden Ash darts and points on some of our more traditional darts. Our standard darts come with steel field points for practice.


2 thoughts on “The Science of Dart Production”

  1. Last year I bought an atlatl and 3 darts from you to find out more about atlatls. The atlatl was OK but the darts were very heavy and rigid so I began making my own ash darts from good quality quarter sawn lumber – mine are much better quality. Also, your points were very small, making the wood near them thin and weak and they broke easily. Just thought I’d let you know that your research and learning are never finished.
    Mike Sharbot Lake Canada

  2. You are right research and learning are never finished. Wooden darts work very well for some people. We also manufacture quality cane darts and tapered ash dart shafts. We’ve updated processes and quality continues to improve. See our dart report on our front page of our website. We used to utilize area sawmills for our darts and now have our own saw mill. With our new sawmill, we able to follow the grain of the log precisely. If you feel you had some problems with something we sent you, we are always glad to replace free of charge.

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