Order Now! For Spring Atlatl Events! Cane Darts!

Spring is finally here and it’s time to get out those atlatl sets! If you need an atlatl set, we have lots of nice atlatls in stock and are ready to get them out for you.

Use our online order form or give us a call at 1-800-836-4520 or our cell phone at 607-743-4379. If you are using the online form, please note you can see your order by hitting the “check cart” tab on the bottom of the page. We have a nice supply of cane darts in stock.

Happy Atlatl Season!

2 thoughts on “Order Now! For Spring Atlatl Events! Cane Darts!”

  1. I am interested in buying about buying 4dz 6ft+ river cane shafts for an atl atl event in Wyoming
    what woild the cost be? thank you Garry Luoma

  2. Hi Garry,
    Just saw this comment. Bob is in Florida for a couple of weeks. Cane shafts are usually about $5 to $6 each. I’ll check with Bob and get a price for you on 48 shafts. We can ship either USPS or UPS and get you a price on that. Hope that helps. Thanks.

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