Atlatl Season Gearing Up! Atlatl Experiments Forming!

Spring is just around the corner and atlatl events can be found on the World Atlatl Association’s website under events. Check out the events and see if there is one near you!
A group of fellow atlatlists are setting up atlatl experiments on the Paleo Planet World Atlatl Association

They are discussing ways of experimenting to test various atlatl theories. Don’t be surprised to find an experiment going on at an atlatl meet you’re attending! We will be doing atlatl experiments at the next Massachusetts Atlatl Days October 17th and 18th at Tapley Memorial Hall (Saturday) and Glen Magna Farms (Sunday) in Danvers, Massachusetts. The Danvers Historical Society is really looking forward to this event. We will be emphasizing experimental projects and education rather than competition although those who want to compete informally will have the facilities to do so.
If you are looking to add to your atlatl equipment or just starting new, give us a call at 800-836-4520 or and we’ll work with you. Atlatls work well with camp and youth groups, we can help work out a package for your group.

Bob Berg

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