Maine Primitive Gathering

Bob Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl will be presenting a class on primitive fishing at the Maine Primitive Gathering this weekend, October 2, 3, 4 & 5.

The class will include fish line making, hook making from bone, thorn and bamboo, and simple fish traps. Bob will also cover making and using harpoons and harpoon throwers. The class will be offered on Sunday, Oct. 5.

Along with Bob’s presentation, there will be a variety of other interesting classes and presentations. Jeff Gottleib is organizing a Trade Blanket on Saturday – bring items to trade! Jeff says to bring stuff of interest to a primitive skills person such as tools, books, crafts, raw materials, foods, etc. The Trade Blanket will be on Saturday at 4pm. This is a really fun event.

Arthur Haines will be running ongoing primitive foraging and cooking demonstrations at the cooking fire pit all weekend. Arthur’s phenomenal knowledge of plants. Arthur’s tremendous knowledge of plants, makes any class with him a special treat.

Maine Primitive Gathering Organizer Mal Stephens is asking everyone who is a primitive skills practitioner to bring their handcrafted items to layout as a display during lunch on Saturday. Practitioners are asked to bring hides and blankets to put their stuff on. Mal can be reached at: mallorystephens(at) or 207-646-1856 or his cell: 207-604-2390.

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