Weapon Masters Show, Upcoming Atlatl Events!

The Weapon Masters Show proved to be interesting and top atlatlists Bob Berg, Mark Bracken, Doug Leeth and Mike Waters definitely made tremendous dents in the armour! If given the chance to experiment with the project, we have no doubt a stone point would have pierced the armour. The stone points, as the show’s host, pointed out certainly made an impact on the armour!

There are a number of upcoming events the next two weekends in the atlatl world. If you are in the area, try to attend one of these events!

Sept. 26-28

Golden-Gem Rendezvous & Knap-In. Llano, Texas
ISAC on Saturday and Sunday at 1 PM
Contact: roywenmo2000@yahoo.com
more info: http://llanochamber.com/

Sept. 26-28

Fall Knap-In
Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park, Manchester, Tennessee
Contact Keith Wimberley at (931)723-5073 or Keith.Wimberley@state.tn.us

Oct. 3-5

Lake Atwood, Ohio
Ohio Atlatl Association
contact: ohioatlatl@hotmail.com

Oct. 4-5

Falling Blanket atlatl throw & ISAC. Cheyenne, Wyoming
Open to all, equipment and instruction cheerfully provided. Sponsored by the Wyoming Atlatl and Social Club.
Contact: Gary/Regina Dodson wyowinds@aol.com (307-632-0766)
or Russell Richard coyoteclown@aol.com (307-772-0550) for location and time.

Oct. 4-5

Richard’s Back Acres Throw.
Jeffersonville, Indiana.
ISAC and Indiana State Championship throws each day.
For information contact Richard B. Lyons (812) 246-9987 or atlatlin@gmail.com

Oct. 5

Duncan Park, Austin, Texas
ISAC Sunday 11 AM
Contact roywenmo2000@yahoo.com

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