Atlatl hunting featured in new video story

Atlatl hunting is featured in this Playboy Magazine video story. The video features a lot of our atlatl friends. Author Dennis Nishi did a great job on the story.

Look for Brian and Dawn Wagner of Missouri in the beginning of the video. Brian has successfully taken deer with the atlatl. Dawn is working very diligently on getting a deer with the atlatl. We predict that will happen in the fall of 2015.

The video also shows Professor John Whittaker of Grinnell College, Ron Mertz , members of the Missouri Atlatl Association, and World Atlatl Association. If you check out Brian Wagner’s tshirt during the video it is one of David Carrigan’s popular atlatl tshirts. Dave is currently working on a new atlatl design. Some of Thunderbird Atlatl’s hunting darts were in the video. Check out the video and enjoy.
Andy with his gar. That's Micah behind him.
Some of hunting and fishing photos from past years.
Gary's Boar

Atlatl Fun-Beware Atlatls Will Captivate

Is the atlatl fun?! We have to give a resounding yes to that after seeing hundreds of people use an atlatl for the first time. Some people are so captivated they keep coming back to try it again and again.

Who says atlatls are fun? We do.

Who says atlatls are fun? We do.

It is fun for us at the Thunderbird Atlatl shop to see stories in magazines, newspapers, and on local radio and television productions about people having fun with our atlatls and darts. Thunderbird Atlatl is proud of being one of the creators of the modern atlatl resurgence. Our atlatl and darts are used by groups throughout the United States. Internationally, we have sent atlatls and darts to countries all over the world.

In Elkhart County, Indiana, families enjoyed using our Hiawatha Atlatl and darts: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

This week in Michigan, the Cranbrook Institute of Science had a night camp and Thunderbird’s atlatls and darts were part of the program. It looks like they are using our Nanticoke Atlatl in the picture associated with the article.

A few weeks ago, Bob Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl shared atlatl fun with groups at the Primitive Pursuits program in Ithaca, NY. The first photo in this article and photos below are people having fun with atlatls and darts. The group made expedient atlatls from natural resources nearby and also put together a few of Thunderbird Atlatl’s popular atlatl and dart kits. They also used the atlatl to vanquish neaby predators. They learned how to make an atlatl and dart during the workshop.

Atlatl Fun with an expedient atlatl made from surrounding natural materials.

Atlatl Fun with an expedient atlatl made from surrounding natural materials.

Participants at Primitive Pursuits in Ithaca having atlatl fun with a finished Catatonk Hunter Atlatl and an expedient atlatl.  Bob Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl (center) leads the fun.

Participants at Primitive Pursuits in Ithaca having atlatl fun with a finished Catatonk Hunter Atlatl and an expedient atlatl. Bob Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl (center) leads the fun.

Thunderbird Atlatl Bob Berg shows how an atlatl and dart can handle predators. The Primitive Pursuit class helped capture this predator.

Thunderbird Atlatl Bob Berg shows how an atlatl and dart can handle predators. The Primitive Pursuit class helped capture this predator.

Ash and Cherry logs at Thunderbird Atlatl

Where we get our wood from

A lot of people ask us where we get the wood that we use to make our atlatls and darts. Thunderbird Atlatl uses Ash and Cherry logs that we personally cut and mill from our family’s land in Upstate New York. We process it on our own lumber mill.

From Thunderbird Atlatl owner/founder Bob Berg:

“We harvested all these logs, destined to become atlatls and darts from family property in the Catskill Mountains. We saw them, following the natural grain of the wood to produce darts that are straight and true. Every part of the log is used. Some of the sawdust makes its way into our gardens after composting it for a couple of years after using it for bedding in our chicken coop. We use the bark for dressing around our blueberries. Many local horse farmers use the rest of the sawdust for bedding their horses. Boards that are not used for darts become atlatls or flooring.”

Ash and Cherry logs at Thunderbird Atlatl

Atlatls Showing Up All Over. Find an event near you or create your own.

The Thunderbird Atlatl shop has been busy trying to keep up with production. We are having a great time but do caution camps and other organizations, making larger orders to give us a call if they are facing time constraints.

This weekend, check out the atlatl event at Meadowcroft in Pennsylvania. Meadowcroft is a great place to visit and the atlatl competition is always fun.

There are two other scheduled atlatl events on the WAA calendar. If you are in either of these areas, stop by.
June 19-21 Gooseberry Festival ISAC Tournament held at the Grundy County Fair Grounds, Trenton, MO. For times and location contact Steve Spencer at 660-359-3635 or 660-654-3904 or email Camping available at Crowder State Park.

June 20
NWTF 4 Rivers Chapter Jakes and Whistler Event on June 20th at Ron and Lois Keevens Farm, 546 Keeven Ln., New Haven, MO 63068

The program will be teaching boys and girls, ages 8-16, how to use the Atlatl. Pre-register with the NWTF 4 Rivers Chapter. Any volunteers please contact Dawn Wagner at 636-597-5029 or by email There will be an ISAC after 3:30

World Atlatl Day- Look for an event near you.

Saturday, June 6, is World Atlatl Day. There are several events planned throughout the country. Check to see if there is one somewhere near you.

World Atlatl Day (WAD) was initiated by Linda Brundage and the New York Atlatl Association in 2011. Due to its popularity, the WAA membership attending the 2012 Annual Meeting voted to officially recognize the first Saturday in June of each year as World Atlatl Day.

Here are a list of events planned for World Atlatl Day 2015:

June 6 ISAC and World Atlatl Day to be held at George Millers Farm, 3168 Horizon Drive, Brockway PA 15824 from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. The location is 15 miles north off rout 80 on route 28 and 219. Equipment for beginners will be provided. Contact George Miller at or phone 814-590-6462.
June 6
World Atlatl Day Competition and ISAC
Glen Oechsner’s Residence, Campbellsport, Wisconsin
Contact Glen (920) 533-5039
Can also call (920) 528-7454 or e-mail at or
June 6
Athens Public Library OAA will host atlatl accuracy contests – Ohio locals, ISAC, IASAC, World Atlatl Day team contests. 10:00 am – 5:00pm.
Contact Ray Strischek for more information,
Home Street ( 740-331-4351
Athens, OH 45701
June 6

World Atlatl Day. The event will be held at Gary Nolf’s Residence in Westbrook, CT. There will be an ISAC and completions. For more information contact: Gary Nolf (860) 575-4263 or
June 6-7
World Atlatl Day and Fat Blanket atlatl throw & ISAC. Cheyenne, Wyoming
Open to all, equipment and instruction cheerfully provided.
Sponsored by the Wyoming Atlatl and Social Club.
Contact: Russell Richard (307) 772-0550 for location and time.

Atlatl Events over the Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend Atlatl Events

Marshall Primitive Archery Rendezvous

Use your atlatl or bow at the Marshall, Michigan Primitive Archery Rendezvous this weekend. This is a great event with a great 3D target round. Unfortunately, Thunderbird Atlatl has had to cancel our plans to be at this event due to a family situation but atlatlists should still plan on attending the event and enjoying the various activities. For questions contact Thunderbird Atlatl at 800-836-4520.

Learn to Catch a Fish Family Picnic/Red, White and Blue Balloon Rally
Letchworth State Park – Castile, New York ISAC (Friday 4pm – Sunday 4pm), New York Atlatl Association, Inc. events (Team, Individual, Hunter and European) except during picnic time noted below. NYAA fully insured event. “Learn to Catch a Fish Family Picnic” 11am – 4p.m. on Saturday with no fishing license required at a stocked troup pond, free picnic and door prizes. “Spear-fishing” Carp Target Derby and a variety of learning stations. “Red, White and Blue Balloon Rally” with massed balloon flights at 6:30 pm Friday through Monday, weather permitting. Nearby camping, cabins and lodging available. For information contact Douglas Bassett at 585-493-3625 or

Primitive Pursuits Day
Primitive Pursuits Day in Ithaca, NY, Saturday, May 23, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Ithaca, NY