25th Stone Tool Craftsman Show at Letchworth State Park August 22, 23 & 24

If you haven’t been to the Stone Tool Technology Show at Letchworth State Park, the 25th anniversary of this annual event is a great time to visit!
Flintknappers and Atlatlists from across the country will gather this weekend on the north end of beautiful Letchworth State Park (the Highbanks Recreation area) near Mt. Morris, NY. Letchworth also features a great weekend of atlatl contests, a Mountain Man encampment, and more. Camping is available.

There will be vendors will amazing crafts, good food, an auction, and great camaraderie. Stop by Thunderbird Atlatl’s booth near the atlatl range and visit. We will be offering atlatl and dart making workshops during the weekend.

Here is the information on the Stone Tool Craftsman Show.

Ready for a weekend of Atlatl Fun? The Stone Tool Craftsman Show at Letchworth State Park is the place to be. In this photo from a previous year, atlatlists join together to cast darts.


Back at the Pennsic War!

Thunderbird Atlatl is back at the Pennsic War through August 7. If you are on the Street of Gold, stop by our booth. You can try the atlatl on the Thrown Weapons range and check for the times of atlatl battles during the evening hours on the battle field.

Saturday, August 2, we spent a couple of fun hours at the Vestal Museum Sara Berg helped Cheryll Berg during the demonstration.

Earlier in July, Bob and Cheryll Berg had a great time on Drummond Island at the Great Lakes Traditional Arts Gathering

Remembering Groovy (Brandon) Anderson

Our friend, fellow atlatlist and atlatl maker Brandon Anderson passed away Wednesday evening, July 30, at his home in Waverly, NY. Brandon has been involved with the atlatl world for many years. Over the years, he has helped the Thunderbird Atlatl shop greatly with his best friend John Jefferson.

Many of us know Brandon as “Groovy”, a word he used often and a name he called himself. “Groovy” Anderson loved to make atlatls and enjoyed atlatl competitions with his many friends on the atlatl circuit. He introduced the atlatl to many people and on his wedding day, atlatls were part of the ceremony.

The atlatl world and Brandon’s many friends will miss him. We are all more fortunate for having him in our lives these many years.


Primitive Pursuits Camp in Ithaca, NY

Thunderbird Atlatl’s Bob Berg spent a day with the Primitive Pursuits camp in Ithaca, NY this past week. The pictures tell the story. It was a great day of learning, sharing and having a great time with atlatls and other primitive pasttimes.

Primitive Pursuits campers enjoyed a day of using atlatls, making atlatls and darts and learning how to make stone tools with hafting resin.

Primitive Pursuits campers enjoyed a day of using atlatls, making atlatls and darts and learning how to make stone tools with hafting resin.

Fletching a Dart

Fluegel Eared Water Marmot

glue pots

Making stone tools with hafting resin

Primitive Pursuits Camp 2014

Straightening Darts

Making Atlatls & Darts

Using glue or hafting resin

Dart Points for Hunting and Practice

Thunderbird Atlatl wood darts all come with steel field points that are easy to purchase in the archery market. All our darts are tapered to fit 23/64 diameter field points. We mostly use 125 or 160 grain points. The points are glued on.

Our hunting darts arrive with field points. This makes it possible to practice with the same set of darts that will be used for hunting. Our Thunderbird Atlatl dart tips are tapered to fit almost any traditional broadhead on the market so you are not forced to use a proprietary type of point you can only get from one source. We offer and sell Ace Broadheads but other options can be used. If they break when you hit hard objects like rocks or trees, they usually break off just behind the dart point so you lose only 1/2 inch in re-tipping your darts.