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Dart Points for Hunting and Practice

Thunderbird Atlatl wood darts all come with steel field points that are easy to purchase in the archery market. All our darts are tapered to fit 23/64 diameter field points. We mostly use 125 or 160 grain points. The points are glued on.

Our hunting darts arrive with field points. This makes it possible to practice with the same set of darts that will be used for hunting. Our Thunderbird Atlatl dart tips are tapered to fit almost any traditional broadhead on the market so you are not forced to use a proprietary type of point you can only get from one source. We offer and sell Ace Broadheads but other options can be used. If they break when you hit hard objects like rocks or trees, they usually break off just behind the dart point so you lose only 1/2 inch in re-tipping your darts.