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Tyoga Atlatl Association

For those of you in the SouthernTier of New York, or the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania, the Tyoga Atlatl Association was created to promote the study and teaching of the atlatl and other primitive skills. Their objective is to be a bridge between the world of pre-history and the present and to share the enjoyment of our common heritage in a fun, exciting and educational way.

For more information contact Jack Rowe at (570) 888-8258, e-mail; Tom Goble at (607) 565-7564; Brandon Anderson at (607) 565-7901 or Dennis Lantz at (570) 358-3000.

Tyoga Atlatl Association

To contact the Tyoga Atlatl Association email Jack Rowe at

When Peter Gets Back from college this spring I will get him to add the Tyoga Atlatl Association to the association list.

Check out Ebay for atlatl sales this week

Check out our auctions on ebay. From time to time I put up a few items on ebay just to generate more interest in atlatls.

Back From the South

The atlatl season is well under way for 2004! While there have been Icicle and “Finger Freezing” Contests in the North in the winter months, many of us also happily took off for contests and hunting & fishing in the South. Thunderbird Atlatl was at the Payne’s Prairie Knap-In in Florida the last weekend of February and then it was on to Moundville, Alabama for a Pow Wow for the first week of March.

We’re back home in New York State now – building new atlatls, darts and planning new atlatl adventures!

Our new catalog is available. If you would like a copy, please e-mail us your name and address at

Primitive Arts And Foundation Skills Classes By Bob Berg

Elementary School Primitive Arts

Elementary school programs are designed for grades three though eight. Bob Berg demonstrates the use and production of stone tools, cordage making, fire by friction, bark work, basketry, pottery and how atlatls are used. Programs may be done either as hands on or lecture, depending on the preferences of the host teacher. In the hands-on version, (limited to about 30 participants) students get involved in the process of learning primitive skills and, when space is available, learning to throw the atlatl. This indoor/ outdoor program is tailored to fit the teacherís plan, relating primitive skills to the particular curriculum the teacher has in mind. In the lecture version of this class more students may participate. In this version the teacher(s) may choose a couple of volunteers to participate in the hands-on part. Cost: $350 per school day, which includes up to three separate sessions from one to two hours, plus costs for hands-on materials, travel and motel expenses. Schools within a two hours drive are exempt from overnight costs. Schools located in Tioga, Broome, Tompkins, or Chemung Counties, New York, may waive travel expenses. Call for details. 1 800 836 4520

Primitive Art Classes for Youth Groups

Scouting troops, museums, conservation clubs, summer camps, or similar youth group oriented classes are generally designed as outdoor activities that include the use and production of stone tools, cordage making, fire by friction, bark work, basketry, pottery and include an atlatl making and use seminar. This class is designed to teach councilors and other group leaders in the techniques, safety, and instruction of young people in the primitive arts. It is generally done in two parts with the young people participating in the second part so camp councilors and group leaders may put the techniques they learned to practice.

This class is designed to be a catalyst for an organization to start or improve primitive arts programming. This may be used, for example, as part of a survival training program, merit badge earning, or boot camp program. Call and discuss your needs and we will be glad to help you develop your particular program. Cost $350 per day plus travel and overnight expenses.