Legalization of Atlatl Hunting in Pennsylvania Moves Forward

Russ Guthrie of Pennsylvania who is relatively new to the atlatl community has come on board to help get the atlatl legalized as a hunting implement in Pennsylvania. He has expressed a willingness to tackle the difficult part of working out the complex political kinks. He met with the Pennsylvania Game Commission on Monday, June 5th and made a well thought out presentation which included a handout and a video on CD. He also met with Jack Rowe and Bob Berg and mapped out a plan and strategy to move forward.

Russ has done a fantastic job of researching this project. He has not only researched the atlatl but also the stated goals of the Pennsylvania Game Commission. He discovered that the goals of the Commission are parallel with the goals of the atlatl community. Some of the commission’s goals are extending the use of Pennsylvania’s outdoors to include small interest groups, encouraging youth hunting and fishing activities and educating people about the heritage of Pennsylvania’s hunting and fishing history.

I applaud Russ for getting involved at this critical juncture and keeping us moving in a positive direction.

This is Russ’ contact information:

Russell W. Guthrie
Guthrie Strategy & Technology, LLC
1101 Central Manor Road
Lancaster, PA 17603
717-871-9764 Fax

-Bob Berg

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  1. Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps, down new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision. Keep on writting and cheers from afar

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