Atlatl Season in Full Swing! Check out Harvard class using atlatls!

The good news is that it is a busy season here at the Thunderbird Atlatl shop. We are a little behind in updating our blog and will try to update more often!

We will be posting our summer/fall schedule on the website in a few days. We are firming up commitments and getting our travel plans in place.

We recently sent some more atlatls and darts to Harvard University for Professor Matthew Liebmann’s “Encountering the Conquistadors” class. Check out the video here. Enjoy. Happy Atlatl season.

Shown below are a couple of photos from our Florida trip- a young lady trying a Catatonk atlatl at a workshop offered by Bob Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl and some people enjoying the atlatl range at Silver Springs State Park in Florida.

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