We’re Ready for your Christmas Orders! Yes, Everything is Made In the USA!

If you are thinking about an atlatl set for yourself or someone else for Christmas, give us a call or order online! We are increasing our inventory daily and are keeping plenty of atlatls in stock.

A customer asked recently where are atlatls and darts were made. All of our atlatls and darts are made in Candor, New York, in our shop. We control the process from purchasing raw materials to the finished project. The photos below shows Ash logs arriving in September to be made into atlatls and darts. We pride ourselves in using the complete log for the finest darts and atlatls. Even the wood that isn’t suitable for atlatls and darts is used for various projects including wood flooring and trims. Of course, the remainder goes to the woodstove – we do live in the Northeast and winter is coming!

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