Marlin Bassett Scores Record 20 Meter ISAC for Under 10 Year Age Group at Candor Fall Festival

It was a small but fun group of atlatlists this year at the Candor Fall Festival! Nine year old Marlin Bassett of Warsaw, NY scored a remarkable 45 2x on Sunday in the 20 meter portion of the International Standard Accuracy Contest.

Looking over recorded scores, it looks like this is the first time any youth under 10 years of age has scored a 45 or better in this part of the competition. Marlin’s score is the fifth highest 20 meter listed score of any youth of all time; only the second time for a listed double X at the 20; and the fifth time for a listed three of more tens from the 20. All but two of the seven other high scoring youth were 15 years of age. All had remarkable scores!

Coby Hopkins, age 11, scored a 46x at 20 meters in 2007 in Wisconsin. Other high scores at the 20 meter mark were: Antoine Jamon, age 15, 47X this year in June in France; The remaining youth high scorers are: Doug Majorsky, age 15, 48x in Pennsylvania in 1999; Charlie Bracken, 15, 46 in 2003 in Tennessee; Nick Mertz, age 15, 46 in Missouri in 2004; and Ben Struzynski, age 15, 43 2x in Wisconsin in July of this year. These are all from recorded scores. There may be scores that have not been recorded that were unavailable for this comparison.

Marlin’s best score at 15 meters is 46X. If his best 15 meter score and 20 meter score had occurred in the same ISAC, he would have a total of 91 3x! No one 10 or under has scored a 90 yet. There’s still a little time yet Marlin! Keep up the great effort.

In the local, Candor Fall Festival Pumpkin Challenge – Marlin was the Grand Champion; followed by Danny Brophy in second. Sue Mercer and Michelle Mercer tied for third!

Photo below: Marlin Bassett, 9, and Danny Brophy showing how far their darts penetrated a pumpkin during the Candor Fall Festival Pumpkin Challenge. Photo provided by Sue Mercer.


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