Great article on the atlatl by Dr. John C. Whittaker

Here is a link to an interesting article by Dr. John c. Whittaker, Ph.D, You can check the article out here. by Dr. John C. Whittaker, Ph.D, about the atlatl’s place connecting the academic world of archaeology with the public in a fun and fascinating way. This article takes the atlatl out of the museum closet and places it in the hands of those who see it as a recreational implement.

John is a teacher at Grinnell College and also the coach of the Raging Cows, the world’s first collegiate atlatl team. I enjoyed this article because I was pleased to have supplied John with a recreational atlatl and a set of darts many years ago when I first met him at the Stone Tool Craftsman Show at Letchworth State Park in upstate New York. I think I lit an ember at that time that John blew into a raging flame. ~Bob Berg

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