Touring Germany, Denmark and England

We are having a wonderful time visiting our European friends and demonstrating and showing the atlatl at various programs in Germany, Denmark and soon England!

The Weigel family have been terrific hosts and have helped us a lot during our visit. They have helped our son, Peter, prepare his team’s car for the upcoming Mongol Rally which begins July 23 in London. Peter, Chris Burt and Jeff Andrews will drive a tiny Fiat to Mongolia to London. They are talking about bringing atlatls with them and demonstrating on the way! A few years ago, Ray Strischek’s son, Corey and his girlfriend, also participated in the Mongol Rally. Corey has offered lots of advice and assistance.

We will post photos and provide more information as we get better internet access. A special thanks to Michelle Brophy, Martha and Danny for keeping Thunderbird Atlatl in good shape on the home front!

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