Looking For A Great Group Activity – Thunderbird Atlatl Has Atlatls & Darts For Your Group!

Build your own atlatl set or purchase completed darts and atlatls from our ever expanding inventory, Thunderbird Atlatl makes it easy to outfit your group with darts and atlatls for hours of fun and competition at your location.

We offer discounts on bulk purchases of atlatls kits and darts kits. We also offer discounts to scouts, youth groups, educational groups on our finished atlatls and darts. We know atlatls and darts can offer a wonderful recreational opportunity for groups. Young people learn valuable safety and educational skills, along with the delight of learning to hit the target with an atlatl and hearing that satisfying “thwack” as the dart pierces the target,

We have found that the atlatl offers many outlets for group instructions. Some educators have been able to tie atlatls in with physics and mathematical lessons. Others teach history lessons with the atlatl. Still others are using our atlatl and dart systems for recreational and physical education classes, the opportunities are endless.

Our wooden Ash darts have proven endurance. They hold up through months and years of use. We guarantee you will be pleased with their performance. As always, we back our products 100 percent. Give us a call and we would be happy to work within your budget. We can be reached at 800-836-4520 or by email at contact@thunderbirdatlatl.com

Happy Atlatling!

In the photos below, atlatlists of all ages, abilities and sizes enjoy the atlatl range at the Chimney Point Historical Site in Vergennes, Vt. during the museum’s annual atlatl program in September 2009.

Participants remove darts from targets.Atlatlists of all ages and abilities enjoy the atlatl range at the Chimney Point Museum

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