Looking Forward to September Events

August was a great month for getting out to shows in Pennsylvania, New York, Maine and Ohio but we’re glad to be back for a few days! We will be heading for Vermont for on September 12 for the weekend.

This weekend, French Creek Valley Trading Post in Waterford, Pa. will be hosting atlatl demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday. It is a first time show and demonstration. There is lots of room to try out the atlatl! For further information and directions, call: 814-796-4177.

The Tyoga Atlatl Tyoga At;atl Association will hold a Shoot-off at 389 Simkin Rd. Elmira, New York this weekend, September 6 & 7. The event will feature an ISAC, IASAC, Mastodon Open, and locals. For more information contact: Jack Rowe 570 888-8258 fieldwalker@stny.rr.com and Dennis Lantz 570 395-0968 www.Atlatls-N-More.com

It was great to be back at Flint Ridge, Ohio this weekend. The Ohio Atlatl Society did a wonderful job sponsoring Atlatl demonstrations and contests. A special thank you to Jim Kingery who makes both the Knap-In and Atlatl contests a possibility. Thanks Jim and crew!

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