July Atlatl Events!

Happy July 4th! There are a number of atlatl events planned in July around the United States. If you happen to be in one of these areas, check them out. These events are on the World Atlatl Association event page – please check with the contacts before going to the programs in the event there has been a change.

July 4

Duncan Park, Austin, Texas
ISAC Friday 9 AM
Contact roywenmo2000@yahoo.com

July 4-5

Hueston Woods State Park, Ohio
Ohio Atlatl Association
contact: ohioatlatl@hotmail.com

July 4-6

10th Annual Foothill-Mountain Atlatl and Bow Open. This is the only remaining annual atlatl competition in Wyoming. It is a three-day camping event in a beautiful location that offers a challenging competition and big fun for all ages.
Open to all, equipment and instruction cheerfully provided. Sponsored by the Wyoming Atlatl and Social Club.
Contact: Gary/Regina Dodson wyowinds@aol.com (307-632-0766)
or Russell Richard coyoteclown@aol.com (307-772-0550) for location and time.

July 11-13

The R.A.T. (renegade atlatl tourney)
West Almond Vigil West Almond, New York
ISACs, Locals, NYAA Team Atlatl League, NYAA Individual State Qualifiers,
NYAA Distance Throw Qualifiers, NYAA Hunter’s Animal Round Qualifiers,
NYAA European Round Qualifiers (2008 exhibition contest)
NYAA sponsored and insured
Bill Brundage 585 593-4216 or 585 610-9118 webrundage@verizon.net

July 12

Atlatl demonstrations, fun throws, and ISAC
at the Center for Archaeology’s Archeology Day,
Kampsville, Illinois
Contact Ron Mertz, devoemertz@sbcglobal.net /314-628-9376
or Gregory Vogel, CAA’s Director of Research, ggvogel@gmail.com

July 18-20

Flint Ridge, Ohio
Ohio Atlatl Association
contact: ohioatlatl@hotmail.com

July 19-20

Smoky Hollow Rendezvous, Wisconsin
Directions to get to our grounds: from Milwaukee, take Hwy.43n to Hwy.57n to Hwy.28 (the town of Waldo) turn left on Hwy.28, continue thru the town of Cascade to cty.F Turn right on cty.F to Highview Rd.(approximately one mile). Turn right on Highview to Parnell Rd. Turn left on Parnell Rd. The club grounds are on the right hand side 1/2 mile from Highview Rd.
Contact Lenny Riemersma, phone number (920)528-7454.

July 20

Pasadena, California
In conjunction with a monthly Bowmaking/Flintknapping/Atlatl Gathering
ISAC Contest (only)
Atlatl & Dart making and throwing clinics
Check the atlatl dicussion forums at www.PaleoPlanet.net for further information,
or contact Tom Mills at (626) 794-9158 or paleoaleo@yahoo.com

July 25

Echoes In Time
Willamette Mission State Park, Salem, Oregon
ISAC and novelty throw
Contact Bob Kitch at (509) 493-1971 or (541) 806-1971

July 26

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Gottfried Arboretum, University of Wisconsin – Fond du Lac
Contact : Leonard Riemersma (920)528-7454 , lenmaryr@dotnet.com

July 31-August 3

Green Flats Atlatl Rattle, Turner’s Casa de Fumo, Hancock, New York
ISAC, IASAC, Local all four days.
Team Atlatl and Individual Qualifiers, NYAA, Inc. insured event.
Contact Gary at (570) 437-3698 or iam@indian-artifacts.net

One thought on “July Atlatl Events!”

  1. I just want to thank you for the hours of awesome fun I had today practicing with my new Atlatl, I have done tons of reading in the past and have always had an interest in ancient tools, weaponry, and hunting equipment. The Atlatl that I purchased today is of the highest quality and craftsmanship!!! I am hoping to practice enough with it so that I may be able to hunt with it in the near future, I sustained a shoulder injury years ago in my left shoulder, leaving me unable to Archery hunt, however now with this new tool I am able to shoot one handed and am quite hopeful that I will be able to use this new method once I gain the accuracy and skill needed!!! Many thanks again!!

    (Letchworth State Park Stone Tools Show) 8/24/08

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