Atlatl Challenge! Congratulations Doug Bassett!!

Knowing that scores can change quickly, we still think it’s important to note that at the moment Doug Bassett of New York holds an Atlatl Triple Crown!!
As of March 18th, it looks like Doug was holding the top scores in the following events:
#1 WAA – 94-X in ISAC (The World Atlatl Association’s International Standard Accuracy Contest) done on 3/15/08
#1 IAS – 101-XXX (The International Atlatl Society’s Accuracy Contest) done on 1/12/08
#1 Distance – 215.5m (707′ or 235.7yds) done on 3/18/08

Congratulations Doug! The above scores were posted by Scott Van Arsdale on the Paleo Planet website. The World Atlatl Association annual meeting at Valley of Fire is coming up in two weeks, we’ll let you know if anyone breaks Doug’s winning streak!

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