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Major Site Layout Updates

Thunderbird Atlatl’s main page has just undergone a major update, but for the next few hours most of the links and images on the site will be broken. Over the next week, this site will be improved substantially, and a lot of new content will be added. Thunderbird Atlatl will be dynamic and easily-updateable by Robert and Cheryll Berg, without going through a third party web designer. Keep on coming back for the latest updates!

Time to Consider Your Holiday Orders!

Order Early For the Holidays!

Now that the summer rush is over and we’re almost caught up, it’s time to get going on the holiday orders. If you want to be sure that your atlatls get delivered by early December, it is wise to order them soon.
We have plenty of our new Catatonk atlatls in inventory. The Catatonk is a flexible model with a dart rest at the handle end. It shoots very quickly and smoothly. The shafts are made from highly elastic woods such as Purpleheart, Osage Orange, or Argentine Ebony. The handles are made of a wood with a matching or contrasting color, usually (but not limited to) Bloodwood, Purpleheart, Maple or Walnut. The Catatonks have been well received at the various shows we’ve attended this summer.

The Catatonk is the second atlatl to combine the woodworking skills and design sensitivities of Bob Berg and John Jefferson, after the Kanakadea, which we introduced last year. John has also created a dozen or so extreme quality atlatls from rare woods that are unique, one of a kind weapons worthy of the most demanding customer. Over the last few years John has also helped improve some of our older designs with small but worthwhile changes.

Our plan is to have a new link to the “Unique and One of a Kind Premium Atlatls” that you can scroll through. Pictured will be the actual atlatl that you are buying. We also plan to have an Adobe Acrobat version of our Newsletter/Catalog, which will make it a little easier to obtain along with the informative articles that appear in it. Of course you can always ask for a printed catalog and we will gladly send it to you free of charge.

We also plan to upgrade the pictures of our atlatls this year, as soon as our Webmaster, Peter Berg, comes home from college for a break. We just sent him a box of home baked cookies so he owes us! Give us a call at 1-800-836-4520!

Atlatl Hunting and Fishing

Many people have expressed an interest in getting more information about atlatl hunting and fishing. We have come a long way since those first lame attempts at hunting with atlatls and darts ten years ago, but now after making and correcting many mistakes we have developed good workable systems for both hunting and fishing. We have also looked for and found many places where it is legal to hunt or fish with the atlatl and dart. Thanks to the many people who have assisted and accompanied me on my adventures. Bob Berg

Check out a new website on Atlatl Hunting and Fishing.

Visitors From Germany

Welcome to Thunderbird Atlatl’s website. This week we had visitors from Germany- the Weigel Family, who are all good atlatlists.

Next week we plan to be at Land Between the Lakes in western Kentucky for the second annual atlatl fishing derby. All are welcome to join us. Please email me for further information if you plan to go. Bob Berg

The following are some excerpts from the Community Zero website.
Apr-24-2003 10:30 AM
We are glad to have the Family Weigel as guests here at out home in Candor. As many of you already know, Paul is an exchange student who is staying with us for the school year. His parents Uli, Jutta and sister Lene have come to visit. What is special is that we came in contact through this web site. We are having a good time getting to know Paul’s family. We went to the atlatl contest on Tuesday evening at Brandon Anderson’s house and enjoyed the comaradie of the Tioga Atlatl Association. The Waa is truly a world organization. Bob Berg

Apr-23-2003 6:57 PM
hey ich habe eben den anschlag von meinem vater & gast vater gelesen und wollte natuerlich auch eben sagen das es mir gut gefaellt meinen familie wieder zu sehen und zu zeigen wie und wo ich das letzte jahr gelebt habe. ausserdem ist dies natuerlich eine gute gelegenheit um ein paar deutsch- americanische atlatl kontakte zu knuepfen. paul

Apr-23-2003 6:49 PM
Apres la instruction de Bob en aleman je peux constate, que nos sommes tres allegres en la maison de la famille Berg, aussi heureux de revoir notre fils Paul apres 9 mois, domage que n’y a pas plus que 3 jours de rester, mais en effet un exellent possibilite de constater les meilleurs relations europeens-americains en sujet d’ AtlAtl.- y surtout en relation “interpersonel”! Salut y hello a tout le monde! Bob and Uli

Apr-23-2003 6:34 PM
Die Familie Weigel ist jezt bei uns in Candor. Wir habens uns mit Communitz zero kennengelernt. Viele von Euch haben shon die Gelegenheit gehabt, Paul kennenzulernen. Er war bei uns in Flintridge, Letchworth, Paines Prarie und mehreren anderen Orten. Gestern haben wir einen kleinen Atlatlkontest bei Brandon Anderson in Waverly gehabt. Wir haben viel SpaƟ gehabt neue Freunde kennengelernt. Bob

Spring 2003! Another Atlatl Season Under Way!

Spring Fever is hitting the atlatl world! Atlatl contests started in January but they become more and more plentiful as we move into the warmer weather. Check out the World Atlatl Association website for a complete listing of upcoming contests.

Thunderbird Atlatl had some earlier adventures in Feburary and the beginning of March in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. We will be attending shows in Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan over the next few months.