Time to Consider Your Holiday Orders!

Order Early For the Holidays!

Now that the summer rush is over and we’re almost caught up, it’s time to get going on the holiday orders. If you want to be sure that your atlatls get delivered by early December, it is wise to order them soon.
We have plenty of our new Catatonk atlatls in inventory. The Catatonk is a flexible model with a dart rest at the handle end. It shoots very quickly and smoothly. The shafts are made from highly elastic woods such as Purpleheart, Osage Orange, or Argentine Ebony. The handles are made of a wood with a matching or contrasting color, usually (but not limited to) Bloodwood, Purpleheart, Maple or Walnut. The Catatonks have been well received at the various shows we’ve attended this summer.

The Catatonk is the second atlatl to combine the woodworking skills and design sensitivities of Bob Berg and John Jefferson, after the Kanakadea, which we introduced last year. John has also created a dozen or so extreme quality atlatls from rare woods that are unique, one of a kind weapons worthy of the most demanding customer. Over the last few years John has also helped improve some of our older designs with small but worthwhile changes.

Our plan is to have a new link to the “Unique and One of a Kind Premium Atlatls” that you can scroll through. Pictured will be the actual atlatl that you are buying. We also plan to have an Adobe Acrobat version of our Newsletter/Catalog, which will make it a little easier to obtain along with the informative articles that appear in it. Of course you can always ask for a printed catalog and we will gladly send it to you free of charge.

We also plan to upgrade the pictures of our atlatls this year, as soon as our Webmaster, Peter Berg, comes home from college for a break. We just sent him a box of home baked cookies so he owes us! Give us a call at 1-800-836-4520!

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