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Thunderbird Atlatl Video Promo

Get a taste of our upcoming Instructional DVD that we will be releasing in the coming year! This video promo about Thunderbird Atlatl was created by Mark and Phoebe Morris of Owego House Productions. The music is “Forest Spirits” from the album, Mother Earth Memories by Tezinumpa and is used with permission from the artist. Check back at our website for news on the upcoming DVD.

Spring Countdown!

The Thunderbird Atlatl shop is looking forward to spring and a busy season! We’re back from our trips to our Florida shows and looking forward to spring in the Northeast.

We are already putting together our 2010 schedule and have scheduled events for June, July, August, September and October. We will start posting dates in a few days. Interested in setting up a workshop? Give us a call at 800-836-4520 and we’ll see if we can set something up.

We are working on getting more information out via updates to the web page, books and videos. Keep checking back and see how we’re doing! We’re always on a learning curve! The younger generation of the Thunderbird Atlatl family is always available to keep us on line with this new technology.

In the photo below, Bob Berg leads an atlatl workshop in Vermont.

Bob Berg leads an atlatl workshop in Vermont

Looking Forward to the New Year!

If you just got your first atlatl as a present, we hope you are enjoying trying it out. If you need any advice, feel free to call us at 800-836-4520 and we’ll try to help you out!

We want to wish all our friends and customers a very Happy New Year! We look forward to working with you in 2010. We excited and looking forward to new events, experiences and new friends in the new year.

Happy New Year!

This Weekend Oct. 3 to 4 – Connecticut & Maine

Thunderbird Atlatl will be at two programs this weekend in New England. We’re hoping the rainy weather in the Northeast will leave us with a nice fall weekend! Following is information on both programs with schedules and contact numbers.

Oct. 3-4

New England Atlatl Day
Hammonasset Festival, Hammonasset Beach State Park , Madison, Connecticut
ISAC and Local Competitions co-sponsored by the Friends of Hammonasset and the CT State Museum of Natural History / CT Archaeology Center.
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 4:00.
Camping available.
For more information contact Gary Nolf

Oct. 3 to 4

Maine Primitive Gathering Workshop Schedule

Friday Oct 2
12noon Opening Circle
1-4pm Afternoon Instruction Block
Introduction to Basic Blacksmithing- Will Sampson
Gourdcraft- Jeff Gottlieb
Inuit Strap Drill- Al Cornell
4-6pm Archery Tournament
6pm Dinner Block

Saturday Oct 3
7:30am Instructor & Volunteer Meeting
8:30am Morning Announcements
9-12 Morning Instruction Block
Language of the Birds- Dan Gardoqui (White Pine Programs)
Hide in a Day: Wet Scrap Method- Kfir Mendel (Two Wolves)
Primitive Knife Making- Adriaan Gerber
Campfire Cooking for Kids- Rudy Bourget
Atlatl Theory and Use- Bob Berg (Thunderbird Atlatl)
Lacto-Fermentation- Candi Huber
12noon Lunch Block
1-4pm Afternoon Instruction Block
Hide in a Day: continued- Kfir Mendel (Two Wolves)
Aleutian Style Kayak Paddle- Andy Dobos (Three Red Trees)
One Piece Knife Sheath- Robin Sampson
Wild Basketry- Jeff Gottlieb
Making Simple Clay Smoking Pipes- Charlie Paquin
Wild Edible Walk- Frank Pfisterer
4-6pm Trade Blanket (bring stuff to trade)- Jeff Gottlieb
6pm Primitive Potluck- everyone bring a healthy dish to share
7pm Music with Anya Rose (bring your instruments)

Sunday Oct 4
8:30am Morning Announcements
9-12 Morning Instruction Block
Language of the Birds- Dan Gardoqui (White Pine Programs)
Drilling Slate Pendants- Jeff Gottlieb
A Shower of Sparks- Rudy Bourget
Intro to Permaculture- Jesse Watson
Cordage: principles & techniques- Bob Berg (Thunderbird Atlatl)
12noon Lunch Block
1-4pm Afternoon Instruction Block
Primitive Trapping- Dany Hamel & Chris Sommers
Lost Proofing- Rudy Bourget
Fire Saw- Al Cornell
Permaculture Patterns- Jesse Watson
Useful Stone Tools: flakes & unifaces- Charlie Paquin
4pm Closing Circle

If you need to reach us over the weekend, you can try this cell phone at 607-743-4379. Just leave a message if you don’t reach us.

Flint Ridge KnapIn Labor Day Weekend

The Thunderbird Atlatl crew will be at the annual Flint Ridge KnapIn at the Flint Ridge Memorial Park in Brownsville, Ohio, this weekend. The event takes place Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 4, 5 and 6. The event is hosted by the Flint Ridge Lithic Society.

For information on atlatl events at Flint Ridge, contact Steve Barnett 740-698-6553 or Ray Strischek 740-593-2365

After Thursday, you can reach us on our cell phone at 607-743-4379 or call our 800 number – 800-836-4520 and leave a message. We will be back in Candor on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Despite rain, the Old Stone Tool Show at Letchworth State Park was a fun event with many atlatlists showing up. Doug Bassett did an amazing job organizing the event.

Other Labor Day weekend atlatl events are listed below:
Sept. 4-6
21st Annual Montana Mammoth Hunt
at the First People’s Buffalo Jump State Park, near Ulm, Montana
ISAC all three days and European field round on Saturday and Sunday
Contact Robert Tompson at (406) 866-2219

Sept. 4-6
Tyoga Shoot-off
389 Simkin Rd. Elmira, New York
ISAC, IASAC, Hunters Animal Round, Distance throw, Individuals, Team competition, NYAA Qualifying. A New York Atlatl Association, Inc. sponsored and insured event.
Contact: Jack 570-888-8258 or Tom Goble; 607-215-9405

Sept. 5-6
Cool Blanket atlatl throw & ISAC. Cheyenne, Wyoming
Open to all, equipment and instruction cheerfully provided.
Sponsored by the Wyoming Atlatl and Social Club.
Contact: Gary/Regina Dodson (307-632-0766)
or Russell Richard (307-772-0550) for location and time.