Atlatl Opportunities for Groups, Museums and Individuals

If you know of a group or museum interested in trying atlatls or starting a primitive archery program, the staff at Thunderbird Atlatl would be happy to work with them.

We have provided atlatl equipment for a variety of museum programs, youth groups, atlatl clubs, museum shops, state, federal and private parks and other associations and groups. We have also been able to offer atlatl equipment for television and movie projects. Some of the youth groups we have worked with include Boys and Girl Scouts, church groups/camps, 4-H groups and a number of high school and college clubs.

We offer a wide variety of atlatls, atlatl darts and atlatl kits and are able to put a package together to meet most budgets.

Are you an atlatlist wondering where all the atlatlists are? Why not consider starting an atlatl group in your area. We are aware of several successful atlatl clubs and would be happy to provide you with information and contacts for starting your own group. It is extremely easy to set up contests through the World Atlatl Association and International Atlatl Society, we would be happy to provide any information you. If you are starting a club, we can work with you on bulk pricing on Thunderbird Atlatl equipment.

We do offer atlatl making workshops and would be happy to discuss the possibility of setting up a workshop in your area if you are within a few hours of our company base in New York State. If you are further away, we can provide training support and provide you with equipment to set up your own workshop.

Give us a call at 1-800–836-4520, we would be happy to work with you!

Bob and Cheryll Berg

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