February Plans!

The Thunderbird Atlatl staff will be busy in February! We will be splitting up our efforts between our base operation in New York State and Florida! You will still be able to reach us at our main headquarters at 1-800-836-4520 or place orders through our web page. We have lots of atlatls and darts in stock.

We will also have a crew in Florida – attending three weekends of Knap-ins! If you are in Florida, stop in and see us at one of the locations listed below. International Standard Accuracy Contests are planned for the first two knapins. If you have any questions, give the contacts listed a call or call us and we will try to find out information for you.

If you are in Florida through February 17, stop in to see us at one of the knap-ins we will be attending. Check out the dates and information below.

Here are the shows you can find us at:

GATOR-KNAP ’08- Prehistoric Technology Show February 1 to 3
This inaugural Knap-in will take place at the Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center State Park in White Springs, Florida. Admission is $4 per vehicle. The knap-in is in collaboration with the Osceola National Forest. There will be demonstrations and classes in technologies such as flint knapping, ceramics, cordage and carving of stone, shell, bone and wood. Featured speakers are: Dr. C. Andrew Hemmings who will speak on Tools of the Trade: Clovis Stone, Bone and Ivory Tools from Across the New World and Donna Ruhl, MA,who present a program entitled “Beyond Newmans’ Lake: The Timucua’s use of Prehistoric Dugouts in North Central Florida Waterways.
Also featured will be an ISAC Atlatl competition, flint knapping competition and late night knapping sessions for campers. For further information call Mitzi Nelson at (386) 397-7005 or email mmones@fs.fed.us.

KNAPPER & PRIMITIVE ARTISTS FESTIVAL Friday-Sun, Feb 8, 9, 10 at Ochlockonee River State Park

This event is dedicated to Stone Age Technologies and primitive arts such as flint knapping, primitive ceramics, shell, bone and wood carving, old and new world bow and arrow construction Atlatl construction or other prehistoric art forms. The aim is to show case these ancient art forms and educate the public on the world’s rich prehistory. The sale of Knapping tools and materials will be available. Fees: Park entrance fees will apply. Contact: (850)962-2771

Withalacoochee River Park, 12449 Withlacoochee Blvd., Dade City.
For further information contact: Betty Walters, 727-856-7506.

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  1. Bob you primative oid many how are you doing why dont you come down to the bald eagle knap-in this year and thorw some dart and sell some atalas at the terry keffer memorial tournament the dates are june 25,26,27,28 2009 if your interested call me Tim Jackson at 814-684-0402 in the evening all and by the way john arens poured a new concrete floor after his knap-in

  2. If you have the times and dates of the flint knapping at the Withlacoochee River Park in Dade City in February I would like to bring my Boy Scouts out.

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