Atlatl Events, Honors & Custommade Atlatls

Thunderbird Atlatl is proud of the many custom made atlatl and dart systems we reproduce for museums and collectors each year. Master Atlatl Builder Bob Berg recently completed a custom atlatl based on atlatl pieces he examined at the Peabody Museum at Harvard. The pieces were found in a Mayan well in South America. The snake shaped atlatl built of mesquite and inlaid with jade is a sight to behold. Hand carving much of the atlatl Bob was able to recreate an interpretation of the original atlatl. The atlatl will soon be part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Just back from the Ohio Atlatl Association events at Flint Ridge, Ohio! The Ohio Atlatl Association is marking its tenth anniversary. The Flint Ridge Knapin continues to grow every year as does the Stonetool Technology Show at Letchworth State Park in New York.
We spent some time trying to piece together the history of the Flint Ridge Knapin with its beginnings at Mason’s Campground this weekend. It looks like the Knapin began in 1987 through a lot of efforts of Carl Fry. The knapin moved to the Flint Ridge State Park around 1997. Meanwhile, the Stonetool Technology Show started as a one day event on Labor Day in Kenny Wallace’s backyard. It later moved to the Castile Village Park and then to Letchworth. The Genesee Valley Flintknappers decided it was a good idea to move their knapin to the weekend before Labor Day so knappers could get to both New York and Ohio. The two knapins and their accompanying atlatl events have been growing ever since!
Our next show is in Vermont followed by Massachusetts. Check out our events page.
We were honored to received the President’s Award from the World Atlatl Association and an award from the New York Atlatl Association for contributions to the atlatl community. Thanks to everyone.

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