Think Spring!

Windchills are minus 8 to 15 in the Northeast as we start off this week but we are looking ahead to spring and a variety of upcoming events!
We have a good stock of atlatls and darts ready for you to get out and start practicing with your atlatl Bob Berg and crew have been busy during the winter stocking up our inventory.
We are starting to schedule events for the 2007 season. So far, we have plans to travel to Maine, Virginia, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York. We just returned from Kentucky and Texas. We will be updating out event list in the next week to let you know where we will be and what is going on with the World Atlatl Association, the International Atlatl Society, various state organizations such as the New Atlatl Association, Pennsylvania Atlatl Association, Ohio Atlatl Association, Michigan Atlatl Association and others.
There are great atlatl discussion sites at Paleo Planet – thanks to the efforts of Tom Mills. The link is:
There are also great discussions on Dennis Lantz’ Atlatls ‘n’ more site. We will be working on updating our link pages so you can find these pages easier. Keep Warm! Spring is just around the corner!

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