Production in Full Swing for Holiday Season; New Items Added!

Thunderbird Atlatl is busy making lots of darts and atlatls to meet the holiday rush. Please give us a call at 1-800-836-4520 if you have any questions. If we are not in, just leave a message and we will get back to you. You can also reach us at: 607-743-4379 or 607-22-9873. Again, leave us a message and we will get back to you. We have added a few more items to our inventory. See below for those who want to try to make their own atlatl. Remember try to order soon so we can get your order out to you quicker.

How to Make an Atlatl
Atlatls are easy to make if you have a sense of how long and how massive to make them. Atlatls can be made from a wide variety of materials that include wood and bone to fiberglass or even metal but the most favored material is wood. I don’t believe that there are a lot of advantages of modern materials over wood in the construction or action of an atlatl. Hardwood is favorable to softwood for making atlatls. Hardwoods that are more elastic are better than brash or brittle woods. Thunderbird Atlatl sells various hardwood atlatl blanks as well as milled ash dart shafts 5 foot, six foot and seven foot long.
Ash 2 ½” x7/8” x 27” $5.00
Cherry 2 ½” x7/8” x 27” 6.00
Hickory 2 ½” x7/8” x 27” 5.00
Curley Maple 2 ½” x7/8” x 27” 7.00
Bloodwood 2 ½” x7/8” x 27” 12.00
Purpleheart 2 ½” x7/8” x 27” 7.00
Brazilian Cherry 2 ½” x7/8” x 27” 7.00
This price includes a line drawing on the wood of any of our atlatl designs found in our on line catalog so you can cut it out, modify, or use your own design on it.
Call our 800- 836-4520 for more information or check out our on line catalog. The blanks will be added to the online catalog soon.

You can find a lot of atlatl plans at:

You may like to try one of our atlatl making tool kits which consists of a short bladed large handled Swedish steel carving knife, a draw shave and a scorp. You can buy these as a kit or one at a time. We also sell Swedish steel blades which you can put your own handle on made perhaps from a deer antler or a scrap of the atlatl wood kit. Give us a call for pricing and information on these items, 1-800-836-4520.

The length of an atlatl can be variable. The best guide to length is to measure from the center of your palm to the armpit with your stretched out arm, plus or minus a few inches. If you want to make mostly distance shots then add a few inches and if you want more accuracy at shorter ranges take an inch or two off.

Making a spear thrower and a dart can be a rewarding experience for those who have a yearning for handicraft.
Atlatl plans and dart designs as well as do it yourself atlatl and dart kits will be available soon at

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