Flint Ridge Knap-In/Pennsylvania State Contest

Annual Flint-Ridge Knap-In and Atlatl Contest

It will be a busy weekend for atlatlists in the Northeast this weekend with events in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The annual FLINT RIDGE KNAP-IN and atlatl contest will be held at the Flint Ridge Park near Brownsville, Ohio, Sept. 1 to 4. Brownsville is located between Zanesville and Columbus, Ohio. Knapping, atlatl competitions, and on-site camping. For further information contact: Ed Moreland: 740-625-5868; Roy Miller: 330-359-5590; Frank Slagle: franksjr@yahoo.com. For more information on the Atl-atls, contact Don Roberts at 740-264-9714. Thunderbird Atlatl will be at this event.

Pennsylvania State Championships

The Pennsylvania State Atlatl Championships, sponsored by the Pennsyvlania Atlatl Association will begin Friday, September 1, in Turbotville, Pa. This is a three day event with free camping. For further information and directions contact Pennsylvania Atlatl Association President Gary Fogelman, 245 Fairview Rd,Turbotville, PA 17772-9063 or iam@chilitech.net

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