Summer Musings – Green Flats Atlatl Rattle; Atlatl Hunting

The Green Flats Atlatl Rattle is still scheduled July 27 to 30 in Hancock, NY along the banks of the Delaware River.
Host Ray Turner says the event is still on but he will need some extra help this year as the very scenic Delaware River was not so scenic just a few weeks ago when it devastated the area with flood waters. Ray and Chris Pappas set up this very popular event for atlatlists each year. Ray had a lot of losses in the flood this year and any help we can give him will be appreciated.
After talking to Ray, Scott_Van_Arsdale posted the following on Community Zero, Ray “took a big financial hit in the flood, so we will have to raise funds to pay for the hay, porta-johns and any rented tents. He wants everybody to do what they normally do (have lots of fun!), but be prepared to do some more work than just the usual stoning of the eel weir.”
For further information, you can contact Thunderbird Atlatl or contact a World Atlatl Association member.


Ron Mertz of Missouri reports that the Regulations Committee of the Missouri Department of Conservation unanimously approved proposed regulations that will legalize the atlatl for hunting and fishing in Missouri, excluding deer and turkey. While we would like to have had deer included, I think the Department has taken an important step since the regulations (and our Code Book) will now specifically refer to atlatls and should help to build awareness. Their proposal will go the the Commissioners in August and the Department staff do not feel there will be any problems in it being approved. After approval, they will become effective in March 2007.” Thanks Ron for the update and yor efforts!
In Pennsylvania, the ongoing effort to get the atlatl approved for deer hunting continues. It is moving forward thanks to the dedicated efforts of many including Russ Guthrie, Jack Rowe, George Miller, Gary Fogelman, Dennis Lantz, Bob Berg and others. A meeting with the Pennsylvania Game Commission staff is scheduled for August 23 in Harrisburg.

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