Heading for The Alamo!!

The Fallow Hollow Weekend was rainy but fun! We couldn’t ask for more than a chance to get together with a few hardy atlatlists and an excellent dinner provided by the Goodsell family. Of course, Saturday night culminated with an Oooga Booga ceremony.

Thanks to Jack Rowe, Missy Dildine, Scott Van Arsdale and Doug Bassett for putting up with wind, rain and chilly weather to cast a few darts. The weather prevented the 3-D atlatl course from being set up but a 3-D deer provided opportunity for the local contest.

It looks like Thunderbird atlatl will be at The Alamo in February. Glenn Mairo has arranged workshops and seminars at The Alamo for three day, Feb. 17 to 19. The seminars are on how to build atlatls and darts both modern and traditional. There will also be a traditional fly line making seminar using traditional materials and handcordage making methods. We are looking forward to this wonderful opportunity. Also featured will be Leggs White in the persona of an Alamo era frontiersman. For more information call us at 1-800-836-4520.

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