ISAC Score and Atlatl Rattle!

The reporting gremlins were at work last year and somehow Chris Pappas’ score of 90 at the Icicle Atlatl contest in Waverly, NY in November did not get listed in the 2004 final tallies. Congratulations to Chris for this great score! Lloyd Pine has located the score sheet and will adjust the records. Thanks Lloyd and congratulations to Chris! We were not aware the score was omitted until recently.

Everyone, please make it a point of contacting either the contest organizers or Lloyd if your score isn’t reported. With so many ISAC scores being sent in, it’s easy for a score sheet to get overlooked. Score sheets can also get lost in the mail and never get to Lloyd so it really helps if you let someone know if a score isn’t reported.

Don’t forget the annual Green Flats Atlatl Rattle, sponsored by Chris Pappas and Ray Turner, will take place in Hancock, NY on the shores of the Delaware River July 28 to 31. For information contact Chris Pappas at 607-637- 2585 or Thunderbird Atlatl at 1-800-836-4520.

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