Atlatl Hunting and Fishing Association

A new Atlatl Hunting and Fishing Association (AHAFA) and has formed, complete with its own website. The AHAFA also has a new website, sponsored by Thunderbird Atlatl and designed by Mark Bracken. Below is the Mission Statement of the newly-formed organization.

Mission Statement:
The purpose of The Atlatl Hunting and Fishing Association (AHAFA) is to provide a meeting place and a forum for anyone interested in the atlatl and dart as a means of taking fish and game, past, present or future. A primary goal of this organization is to help get the atlatl and dart recognized as a legal hunting and fishing implement. We are not seeking any special seasons for its use but rather to get the legal approval to use the atlatl and dart anywhere a bow and arrow are used. We have formed this organization to combine efforts and recourses of the various groups and people who are working toward our mutual goals.

We have formed AHAFA as an independent adjunct of the World Atlatl Association. We propose to work in conjunction where and whenever cooperation is possible with the WAA, but not as a sub-group of it, under its organizational umbrella. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to join us. At this time we have no formal organizational structure. Our meetings will be called at any opportunity by anyone wishing to do so, by mutual agreement and with notice to the online communications which have been set up for the purpose. Until a formal organization if formed all decisions are made by consensus.

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