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Stay Well! Free Shipping Extended Through April 30!

We have extended our STAYWELL free shipping offer through April 30 as many states extend their recommendations to stay home. If you are staying home from work, or you have young or college-aged kids students staying home, it’s a great time to get your atlatl and dart set or get an atlatl/dart kit set! Thunderbird Atlatl will continue offering free shipping on orders of $100 or more until April 30 using the coupon code STAYWELL.

Atlatls are a great solo sport that you can practice in your back yard. It’s a great time to get more proficient as the weather warms up as we all have more time or need stay at home activities.

Just use the coupon code STAYWELL in the coupon portion of the shopping cart. Stay Well everyone.

#SocialDistancing #StayHomeSaveLives